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Free Parking in Brighton

Free Parking in Brighton .com has been created with the aim of helping visitors who want to spend a weekend in Brighton find cheap, yet secure parking lots for their cars over the weekend. Parking fee in Brighton can go as much as £75 per weekend, which is ridiculously expensive and can easily make you change your mind about taking a weekend getaway to the city. However, do not be deterred as there are some parking lots that offer the service at highly competitive prices.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to spend too much time searching for such parking lots. At Free Parking, we have compiled all the parking lots that offer you short term car parking services as well as locations with free on-road parking. All these parking areas are safe and you can confidently tour the city, either by walking, using Uber, bus, taxis or our new Life bike scheme knowing that your car is safe. Our site covers all the free, cheap, and central parking lots in Brighton.


Cheap 4 hour Parking in Brighton

If you are coming to Brighton for a short errand and want to use your car instead of taxi, bus or Uber, you need an affordable car park to leave your car. Fortunately, there are several car parks that offer short time parking. We analysed all car parks in Brighton and came up with ten of them that offer 4 hour parking at the most competitive price. These are located in different parts of the city giving you the freedom to choose the one that is conveniently located near your destination.

There is no need to pay too much or be forced to use public means when coming to Brighton. Check in one of these parks and you will complete your errands in peace without worrying about finding your car towed for wrong parking. When looking for the most affordable car parking, you might also need to consider its location in comparison to your destination. We have taken the liberty to indicate the location of each park and all nearby attractions to make the search and decision making easy for you.

Cheap 9 hour Parking in Brighton

Parking in Brighton is difficult considering that on-street parking is limited and off-street can be extremely expensive. This leaves you with the option of driving to the northwest side of the city and leave your car at Withdean Sports Complex. The complex has a lot of free parking space after which you will take a bus to the city. However, if you are planning to spend the day in the city and want to park within, there are a multitude of parking spaces that you can use. These range from car parks, driveways, on-street and off-street with most of them being reservable.


Free Parking has made it easy for you by compiling the cheapest 9 hour parking in Brighton. You can check in a 9 hour parking lot when planning to spend a day in the city, or if you have less than 9 hours but more than 4 hours. In case you are only coming for a few hours, consider our list of the cheapest 4 hour parking in Brighton.


Cheap 24 hour Parking in Brighton

Sometimes you may want to visit the city over the weekend, and it is understandable considering all Brighton has to offer. In this case, you may need to bring your car and park within the city. There are many car parking spaces but they differ in prices with some charging as much as £25 per day. Everybody loves saving and Free Parking understands that. That’s why we have reviewed all car parking spaces within the city and come up with the cheapest 24 hour parking in Brighton.

These parks are not only affordable, but they are also secure ensuring the safety of your car as long as you are planning to stay in the city. However, you might need to contact some of them for booking in advance as they are high in demand. Since we are providing you with all the necessary information about each car park listed on our site, ensure that you go through it carefully to help you choose the most convenient and cheapest 24 hour parking in Brighton. Use our website and let’s save you from paying a £75 just for parking.

Central Parking in Brighton

Brighton is not as big as people like to think. Walking from the train station to the pier will only take you 20 minutes, yet you will have covered a third of the city. Therefore, there is no point parking in the central parking, unless you are on a quick visit that will take you less than 4hrs such as shopping, going to a restaurant or take in a show. The ride to the Devils Dyke and the Lewes village only take 25 minutes whether riding on a bus or train, and hence no need to bring your car. However, if you still don’t want to leave your car, there are Central Parking where you can leave your car.

The parks located on the city centre differ in prices with some offering incredibly cheap prices. If you are tight on budget but still want to use private means within the city, you will require to compare the prices of different parks. Luckily for you, we have made a list of the most central parking in Brighton and gone an extra mile to provide you with charges for 4 hours, 9 hours, and 24 hours for each car park.