Cheap 9 hour Parking in Brighton

Cheapest 9 Hour Parking in Brighton


If you are planning to spend the whole day in Brighton and don’t want to use public means, then you need to find a parking space that can keep your car for that long and charge you fairly. Luckily for you, at Free Parking, we want to ensure you find the most affordable parking spaces within the city without any struggle at all. We have come up with 10 car parks that allow you to park your car for nine hours and offer you the service at a highly competitive price. These parks are distributed throughout the city, making it easy for you to choose the one that is close to your destination.


Norton Road car park


Address: Norton Road, Hove BN3 3BE 

Phone Number: 01273 296622

Nearby Attractions:

This car park is a multi-storey and charges £5 for 9 hours, making it the cheapest 9 hours parking space in the city. It has 290 parking bays with some reserved for the disabled. If you are a Blue Badge holder, you can park here for free but you have to show your badge before you can be allowed. You can either pay via Pay and Display machine or make mobile payment. This car park has an added advantage of offering free parking on weekends for hotels and BB establishments within the city and the Hove.


London Road Car Park


Address: Providence Palace, Brighton BN14GE

Phone Number: 01273 29629

Nearby Attractions:: New England Quarter development, shops on London road, and the Duke of York’s Picture House.

This car park is multi-storey barrier controlled with 528 parking spaces, which make it the 3rd largest car parking in the country. It is the cheapest long-term in Brighton when comparing price per parking hours, charging only £8.00 for 9 hours. The parking lot is open 24/7 and has an added advantage of eight disabled parking bays located on the ground floor. The bays are strictly for the disabled and NOT even the Blue Badge holders can use the bays and in case that happens, charges apply.



Black Rock Car Park


Address: Madeira Drive, Brighton BN2 1BZ

Phone Number: 01273 296622


Nearby Attractions: seafront and Brighton Marina shops, bars, and restaurants

This is a surface pay type of car park and the cheapest, short-term car park in the city, charging £9 for 9 hours. However, it is small and can only hold 61 cars. It has a disabled parking lot which the Blue Badge holders can use as long as they are wearing the badge. It operates for 24 hours but charges only apply between 6am and 9pm daily.



Oxford Court Car Park


Address: Oxford Court, Brighton, BN1 4LA

Phone Number: 01273 296622


Nearby Attractions: The Level, and London Road shopping area

This is a surface type of car park with pay and display payment method. It has a total of 36 parking bays, some of which are reserved for the disabled. It charges only £10.00 for 9 hours. If you are a Blue Badge holder, you must first display your badge to be allowed to park on the reserved


High Street Car Park


Address: High Street, Brighton, BN2 1RW

Phone Number: 01273 296622


Nearby Attractions:

This is an underground type of car park with 81 car parking bays with a maximum height of 1.9metres. It charges £11 for 9 hours, which you can pay using either the pay and display machine or pay via phone.


Trafalgar Street Car Park


Address: Entrance 1: Blackman Street, Brighton BN1 4DY

                         Entrance 2: Whitecross Street, Brighton BN1 4DZ

Phone Number: : 0345 050 7080


Nearby Attractions:

the city’s Jubilee Library, Brighton’s north Laine area which holds shops, cafes, bars, and entertainment venues.

It is a multi-storey, bar controlled type of car park and charges £12 for 9 hours. It has 275 parking bays, with four of the spaces reserved for the disabled. You can access two of these from the Blackman Street entrance while the other two are accessed from the Whitecross Street entrance. The car park also has to bays for electric cars and two charging points on the upper level on the Blackman Street. Blue Badges can park here but for a fee. 


Brighton Train Station Rear Parking


Address: 101 Stroudely Rd, Brighton BN1 4DJ

Phone Number: 0330 123 5247


Nearby Attractions: The Nightingale Theatre, Brighton Peace Environment Centre, Grosvenor Casino, St, Bartholomew Church, Brighthelm Church

The park is located a stone throw away from the railway station and only charges £13.10 for 9 hours. Considering its close proximity to the station, it can easily get fully parked but has the advantage that you can book online. If you are planning to come to the city and fear you might miss an affordable parking space, just contact Brighton Train Station Rear Parking and you will be sorted. By booking online, you also make it easy for you catch the train as all you need to do is drive in, find your space, park your car and catch the train to the city.


NCP Car Park Brighton Theatre



Address: Oxford Court, Brighton, BN1 4LA

Phone Number:  0345 050 7080

Nearby AttractionsTheatre Royal Brighton, Royal Pavilion and Pavilion Gardens, Brighton Dome

The park, which is located on one of the city’s most unique shopping districts has 587 parking bays. It charges £27.45 for 9 hours and has six based which are specifically reserved for the disabled.


NCP Car Park Brighton Centre


Address: Russell Road, Brighton BN1 2DX

Phone Number: 0345 050 7080


Nearby Attractions: Brighton’s main shopping centre, Churchill square, pebble beach, and Brighton Centre venue.

The parking lot has 536 wide parking bays with 12 of them dedicated for the charges £27.45 for 9 hours.


Oxford Court Car Park


Address: Tower Point, 44 North Road, Brighton BN1 1YR

Phone Number: 0845 050 7080


Nearby AttractionsThis is a multi-storey car parking with 165 parking bays. It charges £28.00 for 9 hours.  

If you compare the above parking lots with most others in Brighton, these are the most affordable if you are planning to spend an entire day within the city. Some of these are located on-street while others are within the city outskirts. You can use the information provided above to choose the most convenient for you. While they are the most affordable 9 hours parking spaces, they greatly differ in prices and you should consider the budget you have set for parking purposes before driving to one of them. It’s our hope that this information will make it easy for you to find the best and cheapest 9 hour parking in Brighton.