Free Parking in Brighton

Free Parking Brighton

You got that right, there is free parking in Brighton! This may come as a surprise considering everyone who has been to Brighton will tell you how ridiculously expensive paying for parking is. However, if you are a bit keen creative, and persistent in searching, you can get car parks that are free regardless of which way you are coming from into the city. To make it easy for you, we have cracked the system on your behalf and found parks that offer free parking in Brighton. With our suggestions, you will be able to save up to £25 per day!


Car Park Brighton Marina

FREE Parking 4 Hours Maximum Stay


Car Park Brighton Marina

Address: 35 Marina Way, Brighton BN2 5WA

Phone: 01273 693639

Nearby Attractions:

This is the biggest multi-storey free car park in Brighton with 1500 bays and allowing free parking for up to 4 hours! With so many spaces, you are assured to get somewhere to park whenever you head to Brighton and that includes the weekends. However, it has a height restriction of 1.95 metres. This car park has plenty of space reserved for the disabled. These include;

  • The bays on the eastern side of the Level 1 of the multi-storey parking are reserved for the disabled, motorcycles, and mothers and toddlers.
  • The Level 6 which is located on the east side and has step-free access to the boardwalk area are specifically reserved for the disabled.
  • The Level 1 bays on the west side are reserved for the disabled, mothers with toddlers, and motorcycles.

ASDA Car Park Brighton Marina Car Park

FREE Parking 4 Hours Maximum Stay

Location: Brighton Marina, Brighton BN2 5UT

Phone: 01273 606611

Parking fee: free for up to a maximum of 3hrs

Nearby attractions:

Marina village shopping centre where you can access a petrol filling station, an in-store pharmacy, electric car charging, baby changing, home shopping, and George clothing department among other services. 

This allows you to park for free for a maximum of 3 hours and they have a camera at the entrance that checks how long you have parked. However, unlike the Car Park Brighton Marina, it has no height restrictions. Although this location is not within the city, you can park your car and then hop into the highly affordable and fun-filled Volks Railway.

If you are coming to town for 4 or less hours, there is no need to pay too much just for parking. A visit to one of the above parks will help you save on parking fees as long as you don’t exceed the maximum number of free hours stipulated in each park. These parks can also be a life saver if you are on a tight budget and don’t want to get into the city via public means.

FREE on street parking for Over night Trips

There is free parking in Brighton for longer stays, but to find them you have to be a little creative and willing to park on the outskirts of town and ride in another way.

This park and ride method can take many forms, it could be coming in by bus, streamline taxi or Uber taxi.But the best way to get around Brighton city is by bicycle. The city had a wonderful cycle path infrastructure and is one of the countries top cycle friendly cities. You got to make use of this on your visit.

Brighton has just started a bike share in the city just like the Boris bikes in London, and they are proving very successful and a great way to commute around Brighton city and seafront.They have baskets at the front that can fit an over night bag in them. So are a great option to ride into town.

To Find the best free on street Car Parking in Brighton. We have taken a map of Brighton.

Free Parking Brighton 3

Over laid it with all the restricted parking in Brighton,bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Free Parking Brighton 2

Blocked that out, so we can clearly see the nearest free parking roads to the center of Brighton city.

Free Parking Brighton 5

The green droplets are Brighton bike share hubs, where you can pick up bikes to ride into town. We have allocated 2 areas in red were you can park your car on free of road parking then grab a Brighton bike share Bike and cycle into Brighton Center.

We have also marked two areas in blue were you can find FREE street parking and the find alternative arrangements to get into the city, like streamline or uber taxi, bus of walk.

On Road Free Parking in Brighton



Red Area 1

If your heading in from London on the A23 These are the nearest and in my mind the best free on road parting in Brighton.


Preston Drove, BN1 6EW

Knoyle Road BN1 6RB

Harrington Road BN1 6RE

Surrenden Road BN1 6PA

Herbert Road BN1 6PB

Gordon Road BN1 6PE

Bates Road BN1 6PG

Loder Road BN1 6PL


Red Area 2

If you driving into Brighton from west England like from Portsmouth, Bristol you will come in on either the A27 A270. Here great Free Parking in Brighton, Hove side


Hove Park Way, BN3 6PS

The Droveway, BN3 6LR

Hove Park Way, BN3 6PS

Bishops Rd, BN3

The Paddock, BN3 6LT

The Droveway, BN3 6PP

15 Elrington Rd, BN3


Blue Area 3

Another West side area with free parking is on the Portslade side of Hove. Also good if your coming in from the A259 and A270.


Roman Road, BN3 4LB

Brittany Rd, BN3 4PB

Derek Ave, BN3 4PE

Glastonbury Rd, BN3 4PL

Middleton Ave, BN3

St Keyna Ave, BN3 4PN

St Leonard's Gardens, BN3 4QB


Blue Area 4

If your coming in From Eastbourne or Lewis on the A27 the North-East side of the city off and around Bear road also has Free Parking


Riley Rd, BN2

Ewhurst Rd, BN2 4DA

Mafeking Rd, BN2 4EL

Ladysmith Rd, BN2 4EJ

Kimberley Rd, BN2 4EP

Dewe Rd, BN2 4BE

Milner Rd, BN2 4BS

Redvers Rd, BN2 4BF