things to do in Brighton

Awesome things to do in Brighton

Awesome things to do in Brighton, this is what you need. Here are some great activities that will kick start your visit.

1. Royal Pavilion Palace

There are so many great awesome things to do in Brighton, but the Royal Pavilion is a brilliant starting point. It was built as a seaside pleasure house for King George IV. This historic pavilion has a mix of taste from the Regency nobleness and Indian and Chinese visual style. When these styles are put together, they give the palace an exotic touch. The palace has several rooms that you will enjoy visiting and as you learn the rich history of the palace. These include;

  • Great kitchen- was the most innovative and modern kitchen designs of its day. It featured the latest heating system, constant water supply from a nearby well, and twelve high windows that acted as illuminators and ventilation systems
  • Banqueting room- it is theatrical in style and has a backdrop of the magnificent dishes King George offered his guests.
  • Indian Military Hospital Gallery- the Royal Pavilion was used as a hospital for Indian corps wounded during the WWI. Today, there are film footage, paintings, and photographs that remind you of the rich Brighton history.
  • Pavilion tales- you get to enjoy secrets and stories told by the museum staff about the palace

2. Brighton Bike Tour

"The Only Way to Experience the Brighton"                   tripadvisor

A very close second, is Brighton Bike tours. Discover more of the city than 90% of visitors on these easy going, fun and flat bike tours.

There is no better way to plug into the culture and Vibe of the city than on a bike. As well as hearing about Brighton’s rich history and culture, while gliding though the city’s historic landmarks. They have many great cycling tours to choose, from a 90 minute best of Brighton 'Twilight bike tour' to the Grand Tour, the most popular bike tour in the city, right up to the 'Ultimate Brighton' 5 hour tour (with many breaks of course)

The Twilight bike tour - 90 minutes - Weekends only

Coming to Brighton late in the day, or have spent all day shopping and left little time to see the city. The Twilight bike tour covers the best of the city in just 90 minutes, so you can go home knowing you didn't miss anything.

The Grand bike tour - 150 minutes

An easy cycle ride where you will discover the history and culture of the city, as well as enjoy a northerly ride to Preston Park, where there are a few surprised awaiting you there as well. Of course no visit to Brighton would be complete with out seeing the Pavilion Palace, and the piers on Brighton seafront.

Epic Brighton bike tour - 210 minutes

It is what it says on the tin, while still remaining an easy and leisurely ride.

With many stops 1 or 2 beaks, the Epic Brighton tour visits, The heart of the city, Preston Park, North Laine, Brighton seafront, Hove Promenade along to Hove lagoon and the Historical Lanes. An outstanding afternoon of laughs, culture and a liberating ride along Brighton beach front.

Absolute Brighton tour - 300 minutes

This is the Twilight, Grand & Epic tours combined, as well as visit to Brighton Marina and a stunning bike ride along the white chalk cliffs under pass. You do this tour, You can honestly say, "You have done Brighton!"

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A great morning exploring  Brighton!

Myself and my husband decided to pick up this tour as something a little bit different to our normal stroll around town and it was WELL WORTH IT! We loved every minute, and that's because of Carlo our great tour guide who was fun and informative. Highly recommended! Just book it!!


3.  British Airways i360

This gives you an opportunity to glide up slowly, 450ft and gets an awe-striking view Brighton and the South Coast. This is the world’s largest moving observation tower and from its futuristic glass viewing pod, you will enjoy viewing 66 miles of the southern coastline, the Regency, Beach Head on the East, and Isle of the Wight on the west during clear weather days.

4. The Brighton Story Guided Tour


A fascinating 90 minute walking tour with the very knowledgeable local guide Julian. Julian will whisk you though the lanes back in time, pre 1810 to when Brighton was just a small fishing village called Brighthelmstone. Then bring you right back to share with what makes Bohemian Brighton such a trendy and cosmopolitan place today.

"Julian was really a perfect guide. He explained me everything about Brighton and he wasn't boring. He loves this city and he offers you the possibility to walk and discover. totally recommended.Wonderful person and wonderful tour. I really enjoyed it."

How to join the guided walk

  1. When - Almost every day, contact us for availability
  2. Where - We start at Brighton pier (main entrance) under the clock.
  3. How - Call 07941 256148
  4. Price - Just ask and we will give a price. (Varies according to numbers etc).

5. Go Vegan or Vegetarian 

Traditionally if you go to a sea side town you would have  to have good old fish and chips. But Beautiful Brighton is so alternative to a degree you must break from this tradition and try one of our many vegetarian or vegan restaurants. It is so easy to be vegan or vegetarian in Brighton and to those of you that say, you must have meat, you don't. Also to those that think vegetarian or vegan food are bland will be very nicely surprised. Its not. Book ahead as most of these places book out, even on week days. Great places to try are


Food for Friends - 17-18 Prince Albert St, Brighton BN1 1HF

Loving Hut - The Level

Terre Terre - 71 East St, Brighton BN1 1HQ

Infinity Foods Kitchen - 50 Gardner St, North Laines, Brighton BN1 1UN

Iydea - 17 Kensington Gardens, Brighton BN1 4AL

Wai Kika Moo Kau - 11A Kensington Gardens, Brighton BN1 4AL

Purezza - 12 St James's St, Brighton BN2 1RE


Then after your meal how about a vegan Ice cream at Gelato Gusto

- 2 Gardner St, Brighton BN1 1UP

6. Brighton City Beach

Brighton beach is only about 2 miles wide, but when you measure the beach of Brighton city its more like 5 and has many very interesting and fun things to do and see. If just laying on the beach in the sun all day isn't your thing. Here are just some great alternaive things to do in Brighton on the beach:

Brighton Marina - Filled with nice restaurants, bowling, casino and a cinema.

Nudist Beach - UK's First official nudist beach

Volks Railway - Worlds oldest running electric railway

The Zip Wire

Brighton Pier

British Airways I360

Promenade the Hove Promenade show off your new nike's

Indulge with an Italian ice cream at Maroccos

Paddle board at Hove Lagoon

Have a cuppa tea or a pint at Fat boy slim's 'Big Beach Cafe'

Join a Brighton Bike tour and see some if not all of these things

7. Kellie Miller Art Gallery

If you are an art fanatic, a visit to the Kellie Miller Art Gallery is a must. Why this gallery stands out over the rest is because it celebrates the local artist more than any other gallery in Brighton. The gallery still harbours, work from national, and international artists’ but remains true and grounded to its local roots.

The gallery shows differnt mediums, from painting, sculpture, ceramics, glass, as well as original prints. From Artsist's such as Craig Underhill, Hele Phoenix, Elizabeth Prize, Andy Waite, Paulina X miranda and many others.

8. Riddle & Finns

Seafood lovers are not forgotten as Riddle & Finn serves some of the most delicious oysters, shrimp, smoked salmon, and homemade fishcakes among other seafood dishes. The interior décor is excellent and will give you a relaxing mood when enjoying your meal!

9. Brighton Zip Wire

If you are looking to enjoy something more thrilling, why not try the Brighton Zip Wire?  The Brighton Zip is 300m long, making it the longest on the South Coast.

What makes it more memorable and enjoyable is the fact that it is located on the seafront. In addition, it has a 24 free fall drop zone!


Min weight 30kg

Max Weight 120kg

Min height 1.3 metres